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Catering service

We are very sorry. Now our catering servive is out of order.

Catering service

We accept order of catering. We will visit your place and support you to have a nice party. We start cooking on your place. So you can watch all the technique of chef. And you can eat smoking hot dishes. Please feel free to inquire by E-mail or telephone.

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FAQ concerning catering

How much does it cost?

We accept order at least 105,000 yen. The cost will change for number of people and the menu planning. And we charge transportation cost and parking cost.

Can you cater for how many people?

We can accept from 2 person to 1,000 person.

Can you cater not only spicy food, but also less spicy food?

Yes. We can cater less spicy food. Please feel free to inquire.

Can you cater not only indian food, but also other kind of food?

Yes. We can cater any kind of dish only without beef.

Can even the child eat?

Yes. We can cater for children's menu.

How far can you cater?

Our restaurant located at Yokohama city. But we can cater far away from Yokohama city. Please feel free to inquire.

Are there any conditions to order?

We need a kitchen and parking and some tables.

How much time does it take?

We start cooking on your place. So you can watch all of the chef's cooking. The cooking takes about 2 hours. And party takes 2 hours. The cleaning takes 1 hour. So we need about 5 hours. But if you want to save time, we can cook more quick by prepared ahead.

By when do I have to order?

We need your order 1 month before. Because we have to make a preliminary inspection on paty space. But if you plan small party, we have possibility to accept enev 1 week before. It's depend on chef's schedule.
We accept cancellation until one week before.

Do you have something special for Indian style?

Yes. We have Hindu music. And we have some typical Hindu table clothes and the others.

What payment method is prepared?

We accept cash or bank transfer. The customer bears the commission of the bank transfer.

Privacy policy

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