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From minatomirai station to RAANi


  1. Get on the Minatoamirai line for Shibuya at Minatomirai station.
  2. Get off the Hiyoshi station of Toyoko line.
  3. And transfer Yokohama subway Green line for Nakayama.
  4. Get off at Higashiyamata station.
  5. It takes 7 minutes from Higasiyamata station to RAANi by walk.

In particular

  • Minatomirai line ride into Toyoko line.
  • Rapid express train doesn't stop at Hiyoshi station.
  • If you get on the rapid express, you have to transfer local train at Kikuna station.
  • It takes 13 minutes from Minatomirai station to Hiyoshi station by express train.
  • It takes 21 minutes from Minatomirai station to Hiyoshi station by local train.
  • It takes 6 minutes from Hiyoshi station to Higashiyamata station.

Railrord Map

railroad map

Walk from Higashiyamata station to RAANi

  1. Go out NO.3 exit.
  2. And across the street.
  3. Then turn left and go straight.
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